How to Prepare for your Initial Interview with a Bankruptcy Attorney

The thought of filing for bankruptcy can be scary. So can the thought of having a face-to-face meeting with an attorney. Here are some tips to make the most of your initial interview. If you are like most people facing bankruptcy, you may be feeling a jumble of thoughts and emotions. How did it come to this? How deeply in debt am I? If I meet with an attorney, will I feel embarrassed?

Relax. Personal bankruptcy attorneys want to help people like you. They have great sympathy for people who find themselves in tough circumstances. A good bankruptcy attorney will help you sortthrough the paperwork, make tough decisions, and navigate the legal world of bankruptcy. Before your first visit, an attorney will ask you to fill out a short form, called a Client Intake Sheet or Initial Interview Form. This form will help the attorney get the a good grasp of your situation, and see whether you qualify for a Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or whether bankruptcy is suited to your situation at all.

Initially, the attorney will want to determine the following:
1. Whether you have any immediate emergencies – an eviction, a foreclosure, repossession, or judgment liens;
2. If you have any unpaid taxes, child support or alimony, or student loans;
3. What your income and expenses are;
4. Your goals – do you have a house, car, or other property that you want to keep?
5. How long you have lived in your state (to help determine residency).

The attorney will most likely ask you to bring in your last two years of tax returns, your last seven months of paystubs, or, if you own your own business, a list of your business receipts, and your expenses. Based on the information you provide at your initial interview, your attorney will request further information, including a list of all your recent bills, letters from creditors, and a credit report. Your attorney will also want to know what assets you want to keep.

Don’t go into the bankruptcy process alone. Let a caring, experienced bankruptcy attorney help you.
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